Château le Meynieu  Cru Bourgeois Vertheuil

Appellation : A.O.C. HAUT-MEDOC

History :
In the heart of the Médoc, this charming 19th century residence and vineyard nestle in a verdant countryside.

Geographical situation and soil : The château, bordering St-Estephe is located on clayey chalk and stony subsoil.

The vineyard : Size of estate : 22 hectares vineyard. Blend of Grape varieties : 62% Cabernet sauvignon, 8% Cabernet franc, 30% Merlot. The average age of the vines is 30 years.

Wine making : Harvesting is late to ensure full maturity, perfectly ripe and careful selection of the grapes on arrival at the hopper. Traditional vinification, the must being frequently run-off and recycled to ensure an even temperature during fermentation. The wine is then aged in oak-casks (30-40% new each year), for around 15 months. Regularly racked and natural fined without filtration, it is bottled and stored in the underground cellar in ideal temperature and hydrometric conditions.

Wine carateristic : The resulting wines are powerful with melting tannins and much appreciated for their remarkable finesse and delicate bouquet.

Production : 7000 cases, or 84 000 bottles.

Distribution : Marketed direct from the property, in France and abroad. Direct 100%, of which 60% Export.

Others growth : The company also owns château Lavillotte and domaine de la Ronceray, both in A.O.C. St-Estephe.

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